Order Fulfilment

Online Order processing, fulfilment and Management Services

The top three online marketplaces in India are Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. These marketplaces are locked in a very competitive battle for customers. In this situation, what matters the most for these companies, is a loyal customer base. In order to grow their customer base, they have to focus on good service, with efficient order fulfilment.

Order fulfilment is the whole process, which starts from the point of sale on the marketplace of our customer’s product to delivery of a product to the customer. Right from the website interface to warehouse efficiency, everything is tested in the order fulfilment process. From a seller’s point of view, the more accurate and faster the fulfilment, the higher the sales.

It is not enough for online marketplaces to just be a bridge between sellers and buyers, but to ensure timely and accurate order fulfilment.

Sellers on these market places are required to keep the products stock and labelled for pick up and delivery once the order is placed. Our specialisation lies in providing all these services to the seller, so they can focus on sales and promotion.

Boxspace provides back office and order fulfilment services for small and medium online vendors and merchants. The services include –

  • Realtime order checking and tracking on multiple marketplaces
  • Downloading orders and creating a processing checklist
  • Component assemble and boxing
  • Quality checking, Packaging and invoicing
  • Organise and execute dispatch as per order requirements
  • Interface with last mile delivery vendors
  • Manage stock and inventory
  • Online access and management
  • System updation and Reporting

Our order fulfilment services address the challenges that are faced by vendors in completing the process, however as the volumes of online transactions increase, the challenges shift to managing returns and incomplete orders.

Our reverse logistics solution address these concerns and together these services are a comprehensive solution for all online vendors and retailers.


One of the strongest perks of ordering online is the Return Back Policy. This is a MUST HAVE for customers. Although it is a pleasure for the customer to be able to return the product, for the seller it is a pain. Keeping a track of all the return back orders is hectic and if not handled properly may lead to issues. Our reverse logistics solution is designed to :-

  • Managing the returns for online marketplaces and websites
  • Track and collate all the returned goods
  • Analyse the reason for return
  • Inspect the products
  • Refurbish the products
  • Repackage
  • Reissue to stock
  • Customer Support
  • Repair warranty and refurbishment
  • Liquidation and asset recovery
  • Data Analytics and services

Our solution is proven to save costs and maximise the stock management. The returned stock is completely analysed and processed to ensure minimum loss the the vendor.



Our service solutions are customised to suit the individual requirements of our customers.


We take pride in serving our customers safely and ensure that the customer is happy.