self storage facility

Self Storage

self storage facility

  • Moving or renovating your home and need to temporarily store furniture and other household items?
  • Are you relocating on a job abroad and want to store valuables during the stay abroad?
  • Planning to rent your flat, but not the furniture in it?
  • Do you find hobby and sports equipment is taking over the house?
  • Have you simply run out of storage space at home?

Finding affordable and flexible short term storage to suit your needs is hard. We all know the pain of trawling through websites, ringing up for quotes and checking out multiple facilities to suit your requirements.

Boxspace understand your pain and requirements, we have designed a unique customised service for all your Household storage requirements.
All you need to do is follow the these five easy steps :

  • Connect :- Send in a request by phone, email or click here (hyper link to enquiry page) and we will schedule a pick up.
  • Collect :- We segregate your possessions into Store, Donate and Recycle cartons 
  • Catalog :- All items are cataloged in your presence and photographed.
  • Store :- Cartons are taken for storage and inventory is uploaded to our online inventory system
  • Return :-Request for items to be returned at anytime

We understand that cleaning up the house is a daunting task and so our service have been designed to ensure that along with assisting you with packing of storage items, we offer the option of identifying items for donation and recycling at the time of pick up.

Boxes marked for donation will be sent to our NGO partners and recycled items will be recycled or scrapped as needed to protect the environment.

Storage boxes will be taken to our secure warehouse and a detailed list will be uploaded to our online inventory system.

Our online inventory system provides a comprehensive list of all your items in storage and you can request for items to be retrieved at anytime.

Boxspace offers you the easiest way to extend your personal storage space.

Just phone us on +91 91679 99051 and we will take care of the rest


  • Convenient pick up from your home
  • Store, donate and recycle, all at the same time!.
  • Trained professionals will pack and box your personal items under your supervision.
  • Create a personalized inventory list. (with Picture)
  • Load and transport the items to our warehouse
  • Storage at our secure warehouse
  • Personalized delivery options available
  • Online tracking of stock in storage

Our service offering is designed to address the problems and requirements of households across Mumbai. When more than a box is required to be stored, we can customize the space to suit your requirement.

List of most common items stored

  • Furniture Storing furniture is an option if you are moving to a smaller space, selling property, trying to get rid of clutter, or making room for more family.
  • Electronic Whether you are relocating or need more room, you might not want to part with valuable and perfectly good electronics that you own.
  • Appliances Like electronics, you may need a safe and secure place to put perfectly good and useful appliances that for whatever reason you may not be using right now. Microwaves, ovens, fridges, stoves, washers, and dryers can all be properly stored with good packing practices
  • Books and Personal Records Books are often considered very valuable. For students, researchers, writers and professors, or any type of booklover, parting with books is not only nearly impossible to imagine but almost an insult to consider. Keep these reservoirs of knowledge safe in a storage unit. Individuals are legally required to keep personal tax related data that can be stored safely at our storage unit for space, security, accessibility, or safekeeping
  • Valuable, rare or collectors’ items; antiques and expensive art There are occasions that call for storage of items of extreme value to you, whether an antique heirloom from the last five generations of your family, or a piece of exotic art. For collectors, it might just be a more secure and organized alternative than keeping your collections at home.
  • Seasonal itemsDiwali and Christmas comes only once a year, but many families spend a great deal of money, time, and energy preparing for and enjoying this precious season with extravagant flair. When the season is over, self storage is one option to put away all those dear-to-your-heart seasonal items and holiday decorations that you can reuse year after year.
  • Photographs, newspapers, magazines and electronic media They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs hold memories dear to your heart. So are keepsake magazines, like your childhood collections of a wildlife magazine, or newspapers relevant to important research you have done. All these things are perishable and need proper storage. DVDs, CDs, video tapes and other types of media are another common storage item.


Our service solutions are customised to suit the individual requirements of our customers.


We take pride in serving our customers safely and ensure that the customer is happy.