Self Storage

Home Storage Solutions

  • Are you moving house and need to temporarily store furniture?
  • Are you renovating your home and need to keep household possessions safe?
  • Are you relocating abroad and want to store valuables during the move?
  • Do you find hobby and sports equipment is taking over the house?
  • Have you simply run out of storage space at home?

Boxspace understand your requirements and provide customised services for all your storage needs. All you need to do is follow the these four easy steps

  • Send in a request by phone, email or app and we will schedule a pick up.
  • All items are packed in your presence and photographed.  
  • Cartons are taken for storage and inventory is uploaded
  • Request for items to be returned

We deliver Boxspace moving and storage containers to your home, you fill them up and we'll store them in our secure warehouse or move them to your new place.

Boxspace offers you the cheapest and easiest way to extend your personal storage space. Just phone us on +91 91679 99051 and we will take care of the rest

  • Convenient pick up from your home
  • Trained professionals will pack and box your personal items under your supervision.
  • Create a personalised inventory list. (with Picture)
  • Load and transport the items to our warehouse
  • Storage at our secure warehouse
  • Personalised delivery options available
  • Monthly reporting of stock in storage

Our service offering is designed to address the requirements of business and Home users. When more than a box is required to be stored, we can customise the space to suit your requirement.



Our service solutions are customised to suit the individual requirements of our customers.


We take pride in serving our customers safely and ensure that the customer is happy.