Business Asset

Our business asset solution is designed to assist corporates in storing their assets and other furniture, IT equipment, high value stock and equipment. The complete process of packing, transporting unloading and storing is completed by our experienced team. All assets are tagged and managed based on a customized schedule.

Our business asset services are currently used by our customers for the following items :

  • Stationary and uniform management
  • IT equipment and electronic device management
  • HR and sports material storage
  • Promotional and marketing material storage
  • Standardized fixtures furniture for branches / franchises
  • Medical supplies and equipment

Asset Management Process

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Features and Benefits

We protect your assets with multiple levels of safety and security measures.


  • Flexible secure storage
  • Dynamic inventory Management
  • On-demand delivery options


  • Annual Stock Audits
  • Daily / weekly / monthly reports
  • Stock consolidation